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Jonny Bekkestad
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Rebreathers och mer rebreathers sedan allt annat man behöver ha
Har dykt sedan 1987 och älskar det mer än något annat. Jag försöker dyka så mycket som möjligt och helst året runt och i alla klimat. Utöver dykning så är mina stora passioner flygning, fallskärmshoppning och träning.

Bor sedan några månader tillbaka i Florida.

Jobbat på Cypern, där jag är delägare i ett tech center.

Är väldigt intresserad av rebreaters och har dykt olika maskiner sedan 2002. Några av maskinerna jag ägt är
Dolphin SCR
Inspiration Classic CCR
Classic KISS CCR
Megalodon CCR

Och mina senaste
Hemmabygge CCR
MK15.5 CCR
Titan CCR
Norge O2 rebreather

Plus près du fond, Plus loin des cons!
Why buy a Meg today?
For me it came down to this:
I have been able to train my Meg not to piss on the furniture. It grabs my slippers
for me when my toes are cold. It can pleasure me at will. And it doesn't ever bitch and moan.

My Meg is currently taking flying lessons so it can replace me at work, and when it is really
acting nicely, it mows the lawn. Other than that, the thing is just a POS that falls off work benches and cracks the damn floor.

One time, when it was at band camp, it got an Optima pregnant, and the parents sued me. Bystanders say my Meg forced itself on the Optima and had its way with her.

My Meg had to go in for a major attitude adjustment and therapy recently. It was updated with all the latest stuff the Dr. Frankenstein's could bolt into it. My Meg went in a boy, and came out a man.

Funny, cause it's skeleton was pretty old, but he now performs like most of the modern rebreathers.
I guess I really like my Megalodon, and if I could just get it to stop making all the Optimas on the block his bitches, then I'd be a truly happy father.
Eric Stadtmueller, otherwise known as,
MEM "Da Pilot"

famous last words...
"hey man, check this out!"

"Dying of Natural Causes is for WIMPS!"