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Dyk nr: 111, Raugrottan

1 meter
30 minuter
245 ggr

A very long and heavy walk to this cave on Rödingsfjället. The cave itself is a lovely little cave, ending in an inviting sump. Kristian kitted up and dived, returning after a minute to report that the first sump was just 5m long. We therefore split the gear and dived through on single kit (in fact I could free dive the sump without using apparatus). Beyond was a pretty chamber with some flowstone and a second sump. Kristian dived this (after getting his cylinder back from me). Thus I was briefly beyond a sump without any equipment at all.... Sump 2 went for 7 metres before getting low, with a lot of loose material. Left for another day. Tiring walk home and as evening came on we got bitten to death by insects. Nice to get back in the car.

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Kristian Lyberg - Sverige, Rödingsfjället, Raugrottan