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Dyk nr: 147, VDG

4 meter
240 minuter
185 ggr

AFter a lot of work to get all the gear to the sump we all dived through. We started the survey right away and mapped about 200m dry cave. Not so easy going, lots of chokes and tight crawls. However towards the end was a larger chamber where we got back into the stream. A largish passage from this led quickly to....sump 2. Diving this won't be easy! A significant inlet comes in just before the sump, which originates from another collapse chamber. It's not clear whether it simply that the water splits, or whether this is another stream we have picked up.

Some photos on the way back, then a comfortable dive back through sump 1. Then a hard struggle to at least get the gear back to the entrance. We managed, but left most of the gear at the entrance. Two walks each needed the day afterwards to get everything back to the car.

A great trip!

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Kristian Lyberg - Norge, Nord-Trøndelag VDG