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Fourth Element & Exposure Expeditions i samarbete

Publicerad den 4 november 2015  (Läst 1 513 gånger.)



With the objective of creating unforgettable diving experiences from short breaks with an extreme edge, to expeditions exploring new dive sites and destinations, or to discovering new wrecks, Fourth Element Adventures will offer anything but an ordinary dive trip.

Led by some of the most accomplished and recognised divers on an international stage, including Monty Halls, Andy Torbet, Amanda Cotton, Phil Short and William Tan to name a few, Fourth Element Adventures will focus on developing the skills and knowledge of participants. From photography master classes to weekend adventures with in depth technical training, to expeditions to places unknown, Fourth Element Adventures will offer something to suit every diver’s sense of adventure.

“Diving is one of the most adventurous things that many people do in their lives and extending these experiences is at the heart of Fourth Element Adventures. Whether it be learning how to take a better photo, improving techniques, or even the basics of being involved in true expeditions, Fourth Element Adventures has a challenge for every diver. I am excited at the prospect of being involved.” Fourth Element Team Diver and BBC TV presenter Andy Torbet.
Fourth Element Adventures is powered by Exposure Expeditions, a specialist adventure travel company with extensive experience in the dive and photography travel markets. Exposure Expedition HQ is based close to Gothenburg, Sweden, and is a part of the Almers Travel Group and a member of the Swedish Travel Agency Association.
This partnership brings together one of the world’s most recognised dive brands, with a proven travel company that has extensive knowledge and know-how in dive travel and expeditions. The two come together to deliver a new approach to diving adventures.

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