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"Xstream Dive" - Ny regulator från Poseidon

Publicerad den 16 juli 2003 


The new Xstream Dive – just not that extreme…

We are adding a new regulator within our extremely successful range of high performance Xstream regulators (see Editors Notes). The latest addition is the Xstream Dive and its associated Xstream Dive Octopus. It has the same build quality and performance characteristics as the purist technical regulator Xstream Deep (which is certified to 200m on Trimix), the Deco (Certified for 100% Oxygen) and the Duration (Certified for 50% Nitrox) but is designed for Air use. Furthermore, it has more ports than the Xstream Deep so it can be used in a wider range of equipment configurations by the general sport diver who dives to a variety of depths in a season.

There are five low-pressure and two high-pressure ports, which should be enough for most divers. The colour of the second stage cover is subtle graphite grey and the octopus, Poseidon yellow. The cover over the Thermal Dynamic Antifreeze (T.D.A.) system on the first stage is chromed instead of black. The regulator is delivered with a 70 cm low pressure hose and the octopus with a 90 cm hose. On the inside our skilled technicians have fine tuned the airflow and managed to get the inhalation resistance down even lower.

This model is designed for diving with air and where generally the need for many low-pressure and high-pressure ports is a requirement. So as not to be mixed up with other gas mixtures the colour of the second stage is graphite grey. The first stage has the wheel connection mounted on the side as this is the most common configuration for multiple hose deployment. The Xstream Dive has 5 low-pressure ports and two high-pressure ports and comes complete with a 70 cm low-pressure port. [Article number 4791-GY complies fully with the European Standard EN250]

The Xstream Dive has been designed for use with an octopus rig so you have a backup if your dive partner''s regulator should fail. If he or she uses a Poseidon regulator you should not have any use for the octopus. The octopus is delivered with a 90 cm hose and since it is Poseidon yellow, it is very easy to find. [4792-YW)

So why did we design a new Xstream - the Xstream Dive?

We received just as many questions regarding the number of ports, use of air, different gasses, octopus etc, as we have received comments of approval regarding the uncompromising design and the performance from those who we initially thought of when we developed Xstream Deco, Duration and Deep. We decided that "if you are going to make regulators for extreme use you can’t compromise". We have repeated again and again "a port is a failure point", "for that kind of diving you don’t need an octopus, you use separate backup systems", "no, you can’t use oxygen just by changing to viton o-rings and oxygen lubricant - its not quite that simple", "yes, yellow on an octopus is nice, but none of the gasses intended for Xstream are coded yellow" and so on. We have understood that there is an incredible interest for Xstream and as usual when you try to make a few happy, you risk making many unhappy. That''s when we decided. "We need an Xstream for air, with exactly the same performance as in the Tech versions of Xstream".
Here it is.

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Micke Tilja
Micke Tilja


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