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By far the best way of managing problems with regulators freezing is to dive with a twin set and two regulators. If you switch regulator every few minutes, they don't get so cold and don't tend to freeze. Plus if one does freeze, turn the tap off to stop the freeflow and switch to the other. After a few minutes you will probably find that you can turn it back on without it freeflowing. I would rather dive with two cheap regulators than one "state of the art" regulator costing the same money.

In asnwer to the original question, I think modern Apeks regulators are well designed and are no more likely to freeze than other makes. Just because someone has a lot of trouble with freezing doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the design of their regulator, it probably means bad service/tuning or bad (wet) gas supply. Change where you get your tanks filled and get someone else to service your regulator - you might be surprised at the difference.


Mark Dougherty
Mark Dougherty
2006-09-28 14:12:52
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