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Behöver hjälp!!🙏🏻

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Hi Everybody!
My name is Gloria. I live in Stockholm/ Solna.
And I hope I come to the right place to get help.
Yesterday I was with my kids at Brunnsviken.
And I lost my wedding ring in the water.😭
I couldn’t believe myself...
It’s not so far from the “ beach “ ...I believe maybe...
Between 2 to 3 meters .
I need help from a diver. If was any ring...I wouldn’t care .
But it’s my wedding ring.
In 2 years...Me and my husband celebrate 20 years of marriage.
Can Somebody help me????

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Gloria Jonsson 2021-06-22 16:28:36
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Huvudinlägg Behöver hjälp!!🙏🏻 Gloria Jonsson 2021-06-22 16:28
svara Sv: Behöver hjälp!!🙏🏻Marcus Lindström2021-06-22 21:44
svara Sv: Sv: Behöver hjälp!!🙏🏻Gloria Jonsson2021-06-23 09:21


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