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Här kommer några kompletterande (och längre) citat från boken som inte kom med i recensionen för att det blev för mycket text, men några kanske finner dessa extra citat intressanta så här i efterhand i alla fall – kanske kan de dessutom få någon övertygad om att man nog skall köpa boken i alla fall. Håll till godo:

Kap 5, s 63-64, ett litet problem växer när Sheck måste hjälpa sin masklöse buddy ut:
Suddenly he began fighting me hysterically as panic took total control. It was like the accident with Tommy at Little River over again, only this time the victim had plenty of air to fight me with. I broke away from him and felt something binding my feet. Glancing down, I saw that our guideline, which had gone slack during our struggles, had been snagged by both my fins and was wrapped around them.

Kap 5, s 71-72, förberedelser inför ett rekordförsök 1970 där Sheck är säkerhetsdykare:
Using Hal’s technique of depth acclimation, the three had gradually built up to dives of 400 feet and even deeper, encountering bizarre symptoms of severe narcosis: total blindness, temporary and permanent amnesia, and even total loss of consciousness. In the latter event, the diver would suddenly appear to go to sleep with his eyes open, and if not helped would lie on the bottom continuing to breathe until his air was gone. Fortunately, using drop-away weights in conjunction with the new buoyancy compensator vest and Frank Martz’ automatic injections system, Archie had design a foolproof method of surviving such a depth blackout. When one of the three blacked out, the weights would drop and the diver would float up to a depth where consciousness would be regained.
(400 fot = 122 m)

Kap 5, s 73-74, Sheck dyker på luft tillsammans med Jim Lockwood i Bahamas blå hål:
I resisted the temptation to look at my depth gauge, diving instead on how I felt as Jim had requested. I used my martial arts training in meditation, concentration, and body awareness to monitor myself for symptoms of nitrogen narcosis, oxygen toxity, or carbon dioxide excess. Only four minutes after we started down the wall, Jim paused and looked up at me, grinning like a Cheshire cat. When I joined him, he pointed at his depth gauge. I still felt clear-headed, so hesitated, wanting to waste no time in getting to the 280 to 300 foot level that we were used to in Eagle’s Nest. Jim insisted, though, so I reluctantly peeked at his gauge. It read 400 feet.
(280 fot = 85 m, 300 fot = 91 m, 400 fot = 122 m)

Kap 5, s 75, Sheck har problem med sjösjuka – under dyket:
I as not sure whether it was safer to throw up in my regulator and risk clogging the exhaust valve with debris, causing it to leak water, or to remove the mouthpiece and vomit directly into the ocean, risking drowning if I involuntarily gasped for air in the middle of a spam. By the end of the stop, it was a moot question: sick as a dog, I had repeatedly heaved both ways. Then I looked up and realized that I had a 56-minute 10-fot stop ahead of me, in even more violent water. It was one of the most miserable feelings of my life.
(10 fot = 3m)

Kap 5, s 81-82, destruktiva tankar när saker har gått riktigt fel:
As far as I knew, I was the only survivor of the six divers who had set out that morning to 300 feet, and it did not look as though I would survive for long: I was down to only 900 psig in my twin 70’s (about a third of my starting air), far too little to decompress from such a dive to avoid the bends. As I continued my searching ascent, I began to weigh the alternatives: drowning or the agony of explosive decompression (bends). Drowning was certainly faster and less painful: Tommy Hawkins had told me that after I revived him at Little River. The least painful way of all was the way Archie and Anne had died, blacking out at depth. Unfortunately, I had eliminated that alternative with the miraculous ascent I had just completed. I no longer had enough air to return to sufficient depth to black out.
(300 fot = 89 m)

Kap 7, s 117-118, man har hittat en ny öppning till en grotta under dyket:
We had plenty of air to swim back underground to Ben’s but the new entrance we had found could be a desirable point for future entries. The trouble was, how do you identify a 3-foot-wide birdbath in the middle of a featureless sawgrass marsh? There was only one solution: we had to slog back to civilization on the surface, twin tanks, steaming hot wet suits and all, laying the remnants of line on my splice spool as we went to mark our path.
(3 fot = 0,9 m)

Kap 9, s 161, ett lyckat dyk ger oväntade problem:
I returned to tell the others what I had found, then asked Jack Igoe to open my drysuit zipper. But it had become jammed with clay and no amount of yanking by Jack and Fred Wefer would open it. Since I was not about to slice open a new $200 suit, I was a prisoner in my drysuit until we arrived back in our motel room 20 miles away, and became dangerously overheated.
(20 miles = 32 km)

Kap 10, s 197, man pressar gränserna under utforskningen av Manatee:
Tom Mount, who helped explore Devil’s Eye and Blue Springs near Madison, often cited 200 feet as the ideal amount of additional cave to explore per dive. Our team frequently exceeded that figure, but now we had more than tripled it. Soon added to that stress as we passed the 3,305 foot mark was the stress of knowing that we had been farther form air in any cave than anyone.
(200 fot = 61 m, 3305 fot = 1007 m)

Kap 12, s 218, man hittar en ny öppning till en grotta:
Since the opening was only five feet in diameter, the rushing water sucked us into the ground like soapsuds down a bathtub drain. After a few feet we tumbled into a 40-foot-wide passage at a depth of 30 feet. I looked back at the narrow opening and scratched my head, vaguely wondering how hard it would be to get back out.
(30 fot = 9 m, 40 fot = 12 m)

Kap 12, s 223, dåtidens dekompressionsförfaranden skilde sig lite mot dagens:
He had completed a dive to 260 feet and was proceeding though what should have been a routine decompression schedule on pure oxygen when suddenly at 50 feet he went into a convulsion and died.
(260 fot = 79 m, 50 fot = 15 m, ren syrgas på 15 m ger PO2 = 2,5 bar)

Kap 12, s 259, ett litet problem uppstår under dekompression efter ett dyk till +150 m:
Ahead of me were 26 decompression stops – more than twice as many as had been required for any other dive by an American. At 290 I paused to check the time, and discovered that my watch was gone! I had checked it a moment earlier, at 340 feet, so it had to have been dropped in the vicinity. This was critical, since now I had no way of timing the 26 decompression stops, each of which varied in length and had to be precise in order to avoid the bends.
(290 fot = 88 m, 340 fot = 104 m)

Kap 12, s 269, reflektioner över utrustningsproblem vid djupdykning:
The nearly 400 pounds per square inch of pressure that I would experience on the dive would literally crush the fancy, expensive diver’s watches that the jet set liked to show off at plush dive resorts. My three $29.95 Casio watches would be OK.
(400 psi = 27,58 bar)

Ni behöver inte vara oroliga att jag har plockat alla godbitar från boken, det finns mycket mycket mer att ta del av.

Dyk & Läs Väl!
Pär Ahlgren

Pär Ahlgren
Pär Ahlgren 2006-05-29 14:43:30
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