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Deco Discussion Forum på Ocean Discovery

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Förlåt, jag vet att jag lovade skriva på svenska, men jag skrev den här info på engelska för ett forum i UK :-)

Since Ocean Discovery is one of the "sister forums", and I know some of you are also members of the OD discussion group already, I am passing along a quick announcement to the rest of the DIRX gang.

We have started the Decompression Discussion forum on the Ocean Discovery web site . We just put things in place as of late last night/early this morning, but people are already signing up quickly to participate.

The idea came from a discussion we had on OD regarding the relatively high rate of occurance of DCI and the lack of transparency of DCI in the diving community. We all agreed we have much to learn from each other regarding possible DCI, in addition to outcomes of our deco profiles, yet there is no "safe haven" to discuss these topics as there are always people who are waiting in the wings to make personal attacks when it comes to these issues (as unfortunate as this is).

We need to get past the idea that being bent means being a bad diver, and start to move in the direction of talking more openly and learning from each other. In addition, numerous HB researchers and diving physiologists I have spoken to agree that there is a lot they could be learning just from participating in an open dialogue with tech divers.

So, we have started a forum and we will see how this goes In addition to tech divers from around the world, we already have commitments from at least a dozen HB researchers who are interested in participating in this forum.

You can get directions to sign up for the forum here:

It is a closed forum and there are strict ground rules which must be followed by members to keep this running smoothly. Also, you must sign up for the free OD forum membership to also participate in the forum (just like the DIRX membership here).

We look forward to seeing you over there!

Dawn Kernagis
Dawn Kernagis
2006-08-06 23:21:36
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