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Dykning i Neapel/Pompei?

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Åker till Italien i mitten på september...

Någon som har dykt på någon av följande platser?

I så fall vad är bra, vilket dykcenter, osv?


• Sumberged Park of Baia - this underwater park contains a number of fascinating Roman ruins that are now underwater due to the volcanic lowering of the land. Portus Julius, the old Roman port near Arco Felice, is shallow enough to snorkel in.

• Ventotene - one of the Pontine islands, accessible by ferry

• Palinuro - on the Cilento coast, 2-3 hours from Naples

Andra instressanta dive spots...

Dive Site: Costacuti Reef
Location: Anzio, Italy
Description: Reef
Depth: 42 metres (138 feet)
Visibility: 15 metres (50 feet)
Rating: ****
A dive in the deep blue to the top of the reef at 30 metres. From here, heading east, you will find a wall covered with red gorgonians and among them a roman ship anchor. For expert divers.
Stefano Scolari, PSS Instructor

Dive Site: Pozzo del Merro (Merro Sink Hole)
Location: Near Rome, Italy
Description: Sink hole
Depth: 400 metres + (1200 feet)
Rating: *****

Dive Site: HMS Regent
Location: Barletta, Puglia, Italy, Europe
Description: Wreck of a British submarine
Length: 40 metres (130 feet)
Depth: 35 metres (115 feet)
Visibility: 5 - 25 metres (15 - 80 feet)
Rating: *****
Known as the HMS Regent, in reality a small Italian submarine used in the last part of WWII as tanker and minefield signal.
Stefano Di Cagno, IT PDIC

Björn Herlin
Björn Herlin
2012-08-29 13:03:46
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