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Dykresa i Indonesien advanced

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jag letar efter äventyrliga människor som vill följa med på den här resan.
Man ska vara på plats den 20 maj 2008 och båtresan(inkl mat o dyk) kostar 15000sek, flyg dit står man själv för.

Båten vi seglar med är svenskägd och hemsidan:

Dive Indonesia

3 weeks diving Indonesia

This is one of our longer dive exploration trips in Indonesia covering a range of almost 1000 nautic miles through some of the wildest areas of Indonesia. We will dive both well-known sights as well as exploration sights where few or none have ever dived before. The diving conditions can sometimes be difficult with the possibility of strong currents, however the reward is the best of what world class diving in Asia has to offer. The journey will take us through a great variety of dive environments with everything from big game pelagic, manta, schooling mobula, many species of sharks, tuna, plenty to macro, as well as perfect coral gardens.

Week One

We start in Bira, South Sulawesi. We board the Jaya in Bira harbor and do check dives in the local dive sights. The main dives of Bira are The Point, Fishmarket, and Pulau Kambing. Strong currents that lure big fish affect all these sights. Here, we won't look for coral or reef fish, but hammerheads, sunfish, manta and reef shark. The sights are moody and quite advanced, but on a good day this can be as good as diving ever gets.
From Bira we move down to the Island of Selayar. This is already well off the beaten track and some of the dives we do through Selayar, Kajuadi and Kalau have rarely, if ever, been dived before. Here, we find frogfish and stonefish in great numbers, as well as sharks, mantas and mobulas. Besides great diving, this area is also good for spotting whales and doing interesting island trips.
Then we head to Bonerate to visit the boatbuilding village and dive the local reefs. We will do some exploration dives in the Bonerate atoll (the world's 3rd largest atoll).
Kakabia is our next stop. It is a small island in the open deep sea with fringing reef all around. Here we have a good chance for sighting hammerheads and the visibility is exceptional for sure.

Week Two

In our second week, we will explore Alor and its surroundings.
The straights of Alor are famous for raving currents and great numbers of fish. In the dive guide of Indonesia, Cal Muller rates Cal's Dream as one of the best dives he's ever made.
Alor has a number of famous dive sights, the main ones of which we will visit.
What really makes Alor famous is the whale-hunting village in the south that faces the open sea. Here, the people have been hunting whales with spears and dugout canoes for centuries. This village has been allowed to hunt whale by The Whale Hunting Embargo of Asia. Their hunting practices are part of their culture and they only catch what they themselves can consume, about 20-40 whales a year, not enough to threaten whale population.
Outside Alor are the densest tropical whale populations in the world. The possibility is high of spotting sperm whales, minks, orcas, dolphins, and perhaps even the giant blue whale.
After our whale-spotting mission in the south, we will move west through the islands of Solor.
Here we will look for new locations for manta cleaning stations that we heard about from local sailors. These cleaning stations have not been dived yet and might be very hard to find, but even if we don't we will find some interesting diving for sure.

Week Three

Our final week we will be sailing the Komodo straights.
This is our main operation area in Indonesia and we know the waters very well. Komodo offers excellent diving with great diversity. The cold nutrient currents from the south make this to one of the biggest permanent habitat for mantas in Asia. The corals are breath taking with great macro and photo possibilities.
The best diving here is in raging current, so we dive lee side or split point diving for the major sights and the do calm macro dives when the currents are too strong for the major sights.
For our land excursions here we do a guided trek through the hills of Komodo camera hunting for the vicious Komodo dragon. The island also inhabits wild kakatuas, boars, deer, and wild horses.
On the way from Komodo to Bali we will do some good diving as well as the volcanic dive sights of north Sangean and Pelagic reef in Moyo.
We will dive near the island of Lombok with a final dive in Lembongan, Bali for sure.

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