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"Dear Mr
As mentioned in my previous E-mail, I brought up your comments for discussion at our weekly manager's meeting on Thursday 29th July and now discuss these further.
While our dive boats contain a complete range of safety equipment including oxygen kits, life vests, flares, first aid kit etc which is methodically checked, we feel it is not necessary to inform the customers of its location
as our trained staff will be the ones who will utilise it in the case of an emergency. We however always mention the availability of the hookah line in the deep dive briefing, with diver recall procedures always mentioned in the shallow dive briefing.
I understand your concern about the boat being unattended on the deep dive, and this is normal practice for all the operations on the Island. The reason we can allow this to happen is that on the first dive of the day (deep dive), each group of divers is directly under the supervision of their divemaster. This means that they are constantly being monitored, and their guide is ready to act quickly if a problem arises. This "in water supervision" is actually safer, and the customers enjoy the confidence of
diving with a qualified Instructor. In reality, there is only a time lag of around 10 minutes that the boat is unattended, as the first group is almost finishing their dive as the last group is entering the water.
The moorings that the boats are tied onto are installed and inspected by the Cayman Islands Department of the Environment. They are regularly maintained
and extremely strong. You probably noticed that the condition of the waters around Cayman are extremely favorable, which means that it is very safe for the boats to be left unattended. These calm conditions also explains why the dive boats for all the operations are moored just offshore every night.
However if the conditions do become more challenging as can happen on the North Wall in the Winter time, we put an extra staff member on the dive trip to monitor the boat and to give additional help to our customers in the
rougher conditions.
As the second dive (shallow dive) is an unguided buddy team dive, a crew member is always present on the boat to act as "snorkel watch" to assist any diver that may require assistance.
It is always recommended that you stay with your dive group, and allow your divemaster to exit the water first. He is then able to assist other divers out of the water and to help with cameras etc. This should have been
mentioned in the briefing and I will follow up on that point.
We have been using the slightly smaller 72 cf tanks for approximately 3 years and find they contain plenty of air for the profiles that we offer. We have been so pleased with them that our owners are now phasing out our
remaining 80 cf tanks and replacing them with 72 cf tanks. I appreciate that they must be full, but we always have plenty of tanks on board in the event of some lower
The empty tanks are always taken off the boat after each dive, but unfortunately even after being briefed not to, the customers sometimes put the plastic cap back on the tanks which indicates to us that the tank is full, and are therefore left on the boat. Tanks often leak air overnight and when noticed they are sent to our repair shop to be serviced. These situations are unfortunate, but we always carry sufficient tanks for these eventualities.
On the deep dive we offer a range of profiles such as a 70 ft dive for 30 minutes, 100 ft dive for 20 minutes, and 100 ft dive for 30 minutes for our computer divers (air and computer time allowing). We offer this to accommodate the different skill levels on the trips and to be flexible with our customers. Unfortunately if we increase the bottom time for our computer divers even further, the surface interval they would require before their second dive would also increase, resulting in the table profile divers having unacceptable waiting times. Most operators offer a 30 minute surface Interval time between the deep and the shallow dive wheras we like to build in an extra safety margin of an additional 10 minutes making 40 minutes. The profile for the shallow reef dive may be a 50 ft dive for 40 minutes or a 60 ft dive for 30 minutes
depending on the location, and the computer divers should be allowed an extra 10 minutes, which I will reinforce to the staff.
As all the divers do not exit and enter the water at the same time there will be a range of surface intervals amongst the divers and when they enter the water. Please do not hesitate to inform the crew of your particular
situation and wait until you have sufficient surface interval before starting your second dive.
At Red Sail Sports, we continually try to offer our customers a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I sincerely hope my above comments offer an explanation to your concerns.
As I mentioned before, please do not hesitate to contact me on your next trip to Grand Cayman as I would be very pleased to meet with you and discuss any concerns at all that you may have to ensure that your next experience
with Red Sail Sports is a positive one.
Ja, det är inte svårt att finna fem fel här, inte! Notera namnet på dykcentret om du funderar på att resa till Cayman någon gång.

John Gulliver
John Gulliver 2002-12-18 14:19:00
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