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Help With Art Heart Project

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I am a New Yorker bor i Sverige många år nu och är grundare av Shockholm evenamang. I take this part in English since my Swedish is not great. We have an OK to place an art installation, a big heart, in the water between Castle and Operan for the event we have at Kungsträdgården this Saturday fourth November---free to attend from noon til nite and kids games and Halloween parade and show--see more at if you like. Anyway we need a diver to find a nice spot--average depth is three meters--to place this heart which is sort of like a Christmas Tree stand with four weights for each leg so it stays dow--for when the parade passes it by the castle and yes it is in cooperation with the city, our partner all thirteen years. The event is called Shockholm and in cooperation with Stockholm Stad as is this art piece--we hope you might help. My number is 0760268200. Shockholm is free to attend ideel foreningen but we can sort a fee if wished... please help us make an impact.

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Bill Schacht 2023-11-01 17:19:00
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