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An old Greek ship sank in a terrible storm and only two of the crew survived. They managed to climb aboard a half rotten wooden life boat and wedged themselves fast to avoid being thrown overboard in the storm. After three days the seas were calm again and the two crewmen, who were Irish (Irish sailors never drown at sea) started searching the little boat for something to drink. After a while Paddy found an old fashioned oil lamp, he threw it to Mick and told him to rub it a few times - a genie might pop out!
Mick of course did what he was told and rubbed the side of the lamp three times. Suddenly there was a terrible bang from inside the lamp and it started smoking. Then a genie appeared, floating in the air above them. But this genie had sun stroke and offered them only one wish instead of the normal three.
Whereupon Mick, without thinking shouted "I wish the whole ocean was turned into Guinness". Sim sala bim , the entire ocean was turned into creamy black Guinness.
Mick started drinking but Paddy just stared at him :
" you great big idiot , now we'll have to piss in the boat"!

Eddy Tuite
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2006-09-29 15:27:42
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Du måste vara inloggad för att skicka mail!

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