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Fick ett komiskt mail fran en person har pa dykarna.....
Vi kan val bespara henne obehaget att bli uthangd med namn men har ar hennes presentation.... undrar om hon dyker mycket?

I am loving, caring, romantic, kind and honest person. I''m looking for a long term relations with the happy marriage. I want to share everything with my future husband. We''ll have our joy, our success and our problems which we''ll always decide together. I''m a very open person, and I don''t like hiding anything. I want to give all my love to the husband of my life. And my husband will be the only one for me, because I''m a very devoted person. I hate lie and betray, and I''ll never let them come to my home. I like life and think that it''s always very interesting and full of surprises

Roger Ingebo
Roger Ingebo 2007-08-31 06:41:27
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