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Lite filosofisk scuba ad :-)

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Have you been thinking about scuba diving but newer had the guts/time/other? Almost anybody can learn as long you are healthy, you don't have to be a athlete or young. My oldest student so far was actually 73 years old ! Its not about macho and depts. its about the most relaxing sport in the universe when you get the hang of it. When you are down there you don't think of anything else and that is for sure a cleansing of your everyday stress and issues. Highly recommended from some psychologists I know, they actually want to start scuba therapies for some patients. Its not new, I had contacts with psychologists in the beginning of the 90:s that wanted to know more. I have been diving since the 80:s and I am ultra calm ,focused, piece full, I don't care about money as long I survive and I see a lot of stressed out people around me that don't have a reason to be. Another good thing is that you burn a lot of calories when you are scuba diving, could be a great benefit to some. So go for it. Remember the earth is water and you are water so just go with the flow and don't fight it.
See you in the water
Patrik Engstrom
Padi Master Instructor

Patrik Engström
Patrik Engström
2014-04-09 11:55:32
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