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D.A. Ebert and M.F.W. Stehmann. 2013.
Sharks, batoids, and chimaeras of the North Atlantic
FAO Species Catalogue for Fishery Purposes.No. 7.
Rome, FAO. 523 pp.

ISBN 978-92-5-107466-4
ISSN 1020-8682

This volume is a comprehensive, fully illustrated Catalogue of the Sharks, Batoid Fishes, and Chimaeras of
the North Atlantic, encompassing FAO Fishing Areas 21 and 27. The present volume includes 11 orders, 32
families, 66 genera, and 148 species of cartilaginous fishes occurring in the North Atlantic. The Catalogue
includes a section on standard measurements for a shark, batoid, and chimaera, with associated terms. It
provides accounts for all orders, families, and genera and all keys to taxa are fully illustrated. Information
under each species account includes: valid modern names and original citation of the species; synonyms;
the English, French, and Spanish FAO names for the species; a lateral view for sharks and chimaeras, dorsal
and often also ventral view for batoids, and often other useful illustrations; field marks; diagnostic features;
distribution, including a GIS map; habitat; biology; size; interest to fisheries and human impact; local names
when available; a remarks sections; and literature. The volume is fully indexed and also includes sections
on terminology and measurements including an extensive glossary, a list of species by FAO Statistical
Areas, and a dedicated bibliography.

Inte nog med det, den kan laddas ned gratis som en pdf-fil (16,6 MB) här

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FAO:Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/FN:s livsmedels- och jordbruksorganisation.

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