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SVAR: Medicinska konsekvenser av dykning

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Så här ser de engelska medicinska experterna på det hela:
Bone Necrosis
The UK Sport Diving Medical Committee has released this statement:
Bone necrosis is a serious disease of bones, also called avascular necrosis or dysbaric osteonecrosis. It has a number of causes but exposure to hyperbaric conditions is the usual reason when it occurs in someone who dives or has dived.
Until recently it was thought to be an occupational illness occurring only in professional divers and caisson workers. However, in the last few years the members of the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee have become aware of cases occurring in amateur divers and wish to bring this condition to the attention of all amateur divers. The disease can occur months, years or even decades after hyperbaric exposure.
In essence, the disease causes areas of bone to die. If these dead areas are next to a joint, this can result in severe joint damage and may necessitate joint replacement. When a dead area affects the shaft of a bone it causes no symptoms, but there is still cause for concern because bone necrosis can change to a form of bone cancer.
The cause of dysbaric osteonecrosis is unknown. There is no proven association with decompression illness, though both can affect joints and the risk of each condition is related to the degree of exposure to hyperbaric conditions.
The incidence increases with the depth of dives, their duration and the number of exposures. Amateur sport scuba divers were considered to be at low risk because their dives were usually short and shallow, but as they go deeper for longer and use gas mixtures containing helium, it is probable that more cases will come to light.
Failure to learn from past lessons may cause amateur divers to suffer an epidemic of bone necrosis, similar to those in caisson workers in the last century and in professional divers earlier this century, before safer work practices were introduced to those occupations.
The committee has been sufficiently concerned to set up a registry of cases. Divers in whom bone necrosis, avascular necrosis or dysbaric osteonecrosis has been diagnosed are asked to write to Dr Peter Wilmshurst at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury, 5Y3 8XQ.
Individuals who have not had this diagnosis made by a doctor should contact their own doctor rather than writing to the registry.

John Gulliver
John Gulliver 2002-08-12 18:24:00
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