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Northern Light Scuba DPV

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Utöver deras mycket prisvärda kanisterlampor som diskuterats tidigare har Northern Light Scuba nu även visat upp deras kommande DPV för första gången.


"NLS Explorer DPV PROTO has seen the light! A little bit more work is to be done for production, but real world testing can be initiated. Production model will have body from carbon fiber, as well as shroud will be our own version as well instead of the "Mako style". Finishing has not been done to perfection with this proto, so at some parts it is a bit crude (like the handle) but for production everything will be according to NLS quality standards :)
Pre-orders are soon accepted, but I will announce that later."

"There will be three editions, "travel", "normal" and "long range" (we haven't decided on the names yet). Travel will be smaller and you are able to take it to flight with you. Will be less than 3000 eur. Capacity 670 wh.
"normal" will be very similar to Cuda Fury 1150, so quite far from your "normal" scooter It will be carbon fiber body with aluminium and delrin parts. Capacity 1150 wh and price should be 4000 eur. Long range will be a bit longer body and 2100 wh. Price for that we haven't decided..... but probably 5000-6000 eur range. Initially we will start with the "normal" version, other ones will come later this year."

Vad tror ni om denna lilla leksak?

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Emil Englund 2013-03-24 12:09:46
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