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Ny info om framtiden för Immersed Magazine.

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Efter att ha tagit direktkontakt med Bernie Chowdury, chefred. för Immersed, i syfte att få ordning på min prenumeration, fick jag ett svar som dessutom innehöll följande information. Lägger ut det här så att andra intresserade oxå kan ta del av den.

"FYI: below is the message I posted recently on the Rodale's DtD board, with an update about immersed. You may forward it (in its **entirety**) to whomever you feel may be interested in this information.

Dear Fellow Divers:

Regarding the supposed demise of ?immersed? magazine:

I am the founder and publisher of ?immersed,? as well as the author of the book ?The Last Dive.? Rumors of ?immersed? magazine being permanently beached are premature. Currently I am trying to acquire my business partners? interests in the publication and carry on. My understanding is that my business partners and I have an agreement-in-principal and are moving forward. Lawyers are drawing up the papers for everyone?s signatures. Of course, until all the papers are signed, there?s no guarantee that things will move forward, or even at what pace.

Assuming that the details can be worked out with my business partners, I am hoping to put out a combined Winter-Spring issue this Spring.

At the moment, ?immersed? is arranging a booth at the upcoming Beneath the Sea show (March 26-28) in New Jersey?s Meadowlands. I am giving two presentations there, as well as moderating a shipwreck access panel. For more details, see

Please stop by the ?immersed? booth or come to one of my presentations and say hello.

TO THE RODALE?S FOLKS: Thanks for the professional courtesy of putting this on your DTD board.

Plan well,
Dive safely
? and keep getting immersed for years to come :) ?.

All the best,

Bernie Chowdhury,
Author -- The Last Dive,
Publisher & Editor -- Immersed: The International Diving Magazine
Explorers Club Fellow
Board of Directors -- Historical Diving Society"

Simma lugnt!

Henrik Johnsson
Henrik Johnsson 2004-03-19 22:17:00
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