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Från en känd news group i USA, håll till godo och komentera gärna för och nack delar......

In our group where maybe 9 people who got ready to dive (I knew only three
> personally, including one of my regular divebuddies).
> While gearing up, I saw this young man with doubles, OMS bungee wings
> and all OMS setup. He was diving a long hose, orange and pretty
> fat... I
> was making a remark to him *jokingly* about that orange garden hose.
> His
> reply: "Oh, I got this from my instructor", following is a shortened
> version of our conversation:
> Udo: "Oh, so you are interested in Tech Diving"
> Tech Diver: "Yes"
> Udo: "Hmmm, interesting, bungee wings..."
> Tech Diver: "I got those from my instructor as well"
> Udo: "Ah... (pause)... do you know the DIR system?"
> Tech Diver: "I heard about it I think. I went to Florida cave diving
> and
> heard that expression several times"
> Udo: "Great, we have a DIR Fundamentals class coming up after
> Thanksgiving in New York and have still 3 spots available. Would you
> be
> interested?"
> Tech Diver: "Errrr, sounds interesting..."
> Udo: ":Think about it. The guy who is coming to teach is one of the
> best
> guys for the job: Andrew Georgitsis, the training director for GUE"
> Tech Diver: "OH! Global Underwater Explorers"
> Udo: "Exactly"
> Tech Diver: "It can't be better than that" (Still friendly)
> Udo: "Exactly! You should come, this is an incredible opportunity.
> You
> will learn a tremendeous amount of things, also about your bungee
> wings
> and why it is rather dangerous to use those."
> Tech Diver: "Really?" (Change in voice)
> Udo: "Yeah, you see, the bungee cords increase the surface of your
> wing,
> which gives a greater resistance in the water and is an entanglement
> hazard."
> Tech Diver: "That is always said, but is proven wrong."
> Udo: "OH, but it makes perfect sense! Also, it makes it almost
> impossible to inflate orally at depth."
> Tech Diver: " That is not true either" (He was already in high
> defense
> mode, and had a certain edge in his voice, you know, like if you are
> telling someone that a woman said that he is a lousy lover!)
> Udo: "Why is that?" (Noticing that this guy defends his marbles)
> Tech Diver: "My instructor said so... he is also an attorney for OMS
> and
> that they will sue those people (I am sure he meant GUE/WKPP kind of
> People) for the lies they are saying about the gear."
> Udo: "What is there to sue for? Those are physical facts." (I started
> to
> pull back shaking on the foundation of his Master Mr. Instructor)
> I walked away from him... returning friendlier on my side...
> switching
> gear...
> Udo: "Now, how about the Fundamentals class? You may find it really
> interesting after all...
> Tech Diver: "I am very busy with projects on the weekend and how much
> is
> it anyway?"
> Udo: "Look, that is fine, we have two classes one from Wednesday to
> Friday, you would be ready before the weekend... and the other one at
> the weekend. And the price is X$'s"
> Tech Diver: "Oh, to be perfectly honest with you... I don't have that
> kind of money right now... that is pretty steep for such a course."
> Well, I pretty much ended that chapter of our conversation... I
> considered trying to convince him that his life is much more valuable
> than that, but he would have continued citing his INSTRUCTOR. So I
> left
> him and was certain that from all the guys who were at the lake at
> today... although he seemed to be one of the most capable
> (physically),
> he would be one I definetly would not dive with...
> So, just wanted to share this little story with you guys...
> Take care
> Udo
> P.S.: This guy dives with a shop in Hoboken NJ, so I believe that his
> OMS attorney/instructor is from that barn. I hope that he gets lucky
> and
> reaches a high age... but then he may start to teach... Maybe he will
> do
> it right someday GUE's version, not IANTD's...

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