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Vi chattade lite på forumet om JetStream och jag har ett lågnt utlägg av George Irvine...

First of all, I do not "recommend" scuba pro regs. I said the G 250 is the easiest breather so I use it on my upper deco bottles where I spend the most time , where my gas may be high in oxygen and therefore hard to breath, and I am at my most tired point. You do not need anything like that with gas, nor do you want anything that finicky otherwise, so I use the Apeks seconds for all other applications, other than rebreather , where I use Oceanic combos ( no freeflow, still breathe ok, realizable ).

We do not allow Poseidon seconds in the WKPP, and JJ will not allow them in a GUE course. The reasons that apply to some or all of their seconds and all of their seconds have many of these problems - it is called the "Hard Headed Swede" syndrome, and I can say that because I am also Nordic, and am a good example myself, only I am more Norwegian ( the right way , the wrong way, and the Norway ).

1) upstream valve - beyond the pale stupid in scuba. This then requires an OPV on the hose or the first stage.

2) special hose fittings with OPV - too stupid to discuss

3) intermediate pressure high enough to start a Lear Jet engine ( the little Jetstream or whatever that piece of shit is ) - too stupid and risky

4) you can not take them apart underwater to clean them out in any reasonable fashion

5) you can not interchange them with other regs that do not have that stupid hose

6) the ring around the edge allows water to flow in when scootering or in high flow, and when you go to pass the reg it floods and has to be purged to share gas. Some of the real dopes then tape the hockey puck edge of the Odin so they can scooter - like keeping a fire extinguisher on hand so you can barbeque in your car.

All in all these are total bullshit. For cold water you just drop the IP of a normal reg and it is fine. Poseidon = marketing by the worst strokes out there. I just found one in my garage, new in the box , and threw it in the trash. I would not even sell something that dangerous, or something I do not allow in my own dive project.

You need to go to the Apeks seconds. Walking around with Poseidon seconds or God forbid some of their newer wet dreams ) is like having a Jesse Jackson for President sticker on your Saab.

The old US Divers regs work great, but you can not take the metal ones apart underwater. Gavin found that out the hard way in Sally Ward when he got his full of sticks after giving me shit for plugging all of my regs and having spent so much money on good Apeks regs.

I am glad to hear when an old dog goes to the new trick - Halcyon - that says a lot. Halcyon is merely what we ( WKPP ) asked them to build based on our extensive experience for real diving that no other manufacturer would do.

George Irvine
Director, WKPP

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Stefan Mattsson 2001-11-08 13:52:00
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