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Position i vattnet vid dekompression

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Tydligen är vinkeln på kroppen viktig för art dyktabell eller dator skall stämma. Jag frågade hur lång man måste vara för att det skall bli problem med tryckskillnaden på olika kroppsvävnader. Lita inte på vad instruktörer påstår.


Most scuba diving manuals will tell you to ascend upright (head-up, fins-down), but it's important to remember that the biggest pressure changes happen in the shallows, and whilst you are ascending you are decompressing.
This means, not only do you have to ascend slowly to avoid DCI (<10m/min) but you should also try to keep your entire body within roughly the same depth (same atmospheric pressure) in order for your decompression algorithm (your plan/ dive computer) to be more accurate.
Although it all sounds pretty technical, this counts for recreational divers, too. If it's not easy to stay in horizontal trim, try a 45° angle instead, and remember it's more important to ascend slowly and controlled, close to your buddy and with good vision of the surface in case you need to avoid any boats or other divers.
#scubadiving #safetystop

Fredrik Astlid
Fredrik Astlid
2020-05-06 00:02:24
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