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Why Have MCCR Training?


Before you read this post please understand that I am bringing this issue up as a point of discussion. I am not advocating “self-training” or suggesting that proper training on rebreathers or any other dive gear is not valuable. As a dive professional I firmly believe that training is the backbone of the dive industry. With that said, I want to outline my situation and some thoughts that I have had.

A month ago I bought a KISS, I selected the unit because the simplicity, quality and reliability all appealed to me. Like all KISS purchaser I was asked to sign a waiver promising to get training on the unit before diving it. After sending payment I immediately contacted a well known instructor in Florida and arranged for training on the unit. A week or so later my new KISS arrived in the mail, I opened the box, watched the video, read the manual and filled my O2 and dil cylinders. I practiced assembling and disassembling the unit a few times, tested the various valves, did a positive and negative pressure check and as I was sitting there in my den looking at the unit it occurred to me that there really wasn’t anything preventing me from taking the unit diving. I have spent some time on SCRs and have a good grip on the principals at play in CCR diving, I was reasonably confident that I could safely dive with the unit. Still, because I had signed the waiver and thus was morally bound, I left it in my den until training began.
The first day of training covered principals and skills with which I was already familiar, in fact, at a couple of points during the lecture I noticed areas where the instructor’s explanation differed from the facts (unit design, flow rates, scrubber size, etc). I left class that night convincing myself that I would gain valuable experience in the water. Day two was much the same, the unit did nothing I did not expect it to do, the bailout and flush drills were skills I was already familiar with and presented no issues. Day three saw the first deep(ish) dive, again, nothing special, nothing I didn’t already know. Day four covered other CCRs on the market, primarily eCCRs, again, nothing I couldn’t have learnt easily from the various manufacturers. The dives on day four were no different from those of day three. Day five was the deepest dive, the entire purpose was to see how the unit acted under increased pressure, it seemed that there wasn’t anything about this dive that I could not have experienced on my own.

So, here is the question, which I am sure has become obvious at this point, why would someone who is comfortable with the moderate increase in the risk of personal injury and has reasonable skills in the water pay $1000-1400 to learn to fly an MCCR? My question does not apply to eCCR systems; I have spent time around eCCRs and do not believe that they can be learnt easily without training. The added complexity of eCCR systems suggests to me that additional skills beyond diluant/O2 addition, bailout and set-point maintenance are necessary to fly them safely. During my class the instructor flew an eCCR which reinforced this belief.

I asked my instructor a couple of times why there was a class for MCCR and why it was unit specific, his answer was a consistent “because if you don’t learn to dive these things you will die” To me this answer seems to quash any further discussion of the topic, which is why I bring it up on this forum. I have watched people jump on other divers who enter the world of CCR diving without training and, until last week, I though there was good reason to require training, but I am not as convinced of that now. Anyone care to tell me what I am missing?

NOTE: because of the apparent stigma associated with these kinds of questions I am posting under a different username than I usually use.

Fredrik Astlid
Fredrik Astlid 2007-07-25 17:04:21
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