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Nedan är en fullständig innehållsförteckning med samtliga underavsnitt listade.
Avsnitten i kursiv stil mellan streckade rader är fristående faktarutor som ibland har egna underavsnitt.

1 - Try it First
- Equivalent Diving Grades
Care For The Environment

2 - The Science of Diving
The Gas Laws
- Boyle’s Law
- Charles’ Law
- The Constant Volume Law
- Dalton’s Law
- Enriched Air Nitrox and Dalton’s law
- Henry’s Law
Systems Of Measurement

3 - Diving & the Body
The Cardiovascular System
- Know Your Heart
- Hypercapnia (Also Called Hypercarbia)
- Hypocapnia (Also Called Hypocarbia)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Oxygen Toxicity
Nitrogen Narcosis
Decompression Sickness
Response To Pressure Changes In Body Air Spaces
- The Ears
- The Sinuses
- The Teeth
- The Lungs

Gastrointestinal Barotrauma
Near Drowning

4 - Basic Equipment
Face Masks
- Can’t Seal Your Mask?
Weight Belts And Weights
- How Much Weight?
Buoyancy Compensator Devices
Exposure Suits
- Body Skins
- Wet Suits
-- Wet And Semi-Dry Suit Accessories
- Dry Suits
-- Dry Suit Valves
-- Dry Suit Warning

Scuba Cylinders
- Scuba Cylinder Valves
- Care Of Scuba Cylinders
- Regulators (Demand Valves)
- Regulator Maintenance
Instrumentation And Accessories
- Submersible Pressure Gauges
- Depth Gauges
- Underwater Watches
- Diving Compass
- Knives
- Underwater Lights
- Spares

5 - Basic Training
Basic Scuba Equipment
- Which Training Agency?
- Filling The BCD Emergency Cylinder
- Fitting The BCD And Regulator To The Cylinder
Pool Training
- Clearing The Second Stage Mouthpiece
- Clearing The Mask
- Sharing Air
Hand Signals
Training In Deeper Water
- Mobility And Buoyancy
Ditch And Retrieve
The Buddy System
Preparing For Open Water Diving
Underwater Navigation
- Compass Points

6 - Sea Training and Dive Planning
Tides And Currents
Getting Into The Water
- Diving From A Beach
- Diving From Rocks
Entry From A Jetty
Boat Diving
- Entry From An Inflatable Or Small Boat
Surface Navigation
- Global Positioning System (GPS)
Dive Planning
- ‘Plan The Dive And Dive The Plan’
- Dive Planners And Decompression Tables
- Did You Know?
- Repetitive Dives
- Decompression Dives
Finishing A Dive
Altitude And Flying After Diving
Diving Computers
- Hint For Computer-Assisted Diving

7 - Safe Diving
Basic Rescue Techniques
- Buddy Checks
The Principles Of First Aid
- Airway
- Breathing
- Circulation
- Decreased Level Of Consciousness
- Exposure
- The Recovery Position

Exhaled Air Resuscitation
EAR On The Surface
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Rescue Equipment
- Power Whistles
- Dive Flags
- Surface Marker Buoys

8 - Types of Diving
Temperate Vs Tropical Waters
Diving From A Day Boat
- Silent entry

Drift Diving
Night Diving
Wreck Diving
Freshwater Diving
Cave Diving
Deep Diving
Enriched Air Nitrox

Appendix - How Heat, Light And Sound Travel Underwater
- The Transfer Of Heat In Water
- The Transfer Of Light In Water
- The Transfer Sound In Water


Credits And Acknowledgments
- Publisher’s Acknowledgements
- Photographic Credits

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