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Faktarutor med detaljinformation och "Orr’s Safety Stop" också medtagna och markeras inom hakparenteser.

Causes of Diving Accidents
Diving and Stress
Diving and Panic

1 – Safety and Prevention
Dive Site Knowledge
Certification and Experience Requirements
Diving Environment
Dive Planning
Predive Safety Checks
- Entry Safety Tips
- Postentry Check
Safety Procedures for the Dive
Postdive Follow-Up
2 – Equipment Use and Maintenance
Exposure Suits
-- Dive Skins
-- Wet Suits
-- Drysuits
Buoyancy Compensation Device
Weight Belts
Dive Tools
3 – Emergency Assistance Plans and Evacuation
Emergency Assistance Plan
[Sample Emergency Assistance Plan]
- Emergency Medical Contact Information
- Location of the Nearest Medical Facility
- Basic First Aid Procedures
- Diving Medicine Emergency Contact Information
[DAN Phone Numbers for Diving Emergencies]
- Recompression Information
- Personal Medical Information
- Emergency Equipment
Emergency Evacuation
-- International Distress Signals
-- Other Marine Distress Signals
- 1. Prepare for the Lift
- 2. Communicate with the Helicopter
- 3. Complete the Lift
4 – Emergency Recognition and Prevention
Surface Emergencies
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Experience and Credentials]
Underwater Emergencies
Physiological Emergencies
- Nitrogen Narcosis
- Vomiting
- Disorientation
- Fatigue

5 – Missing Diver Search
Looking for a Lost Buddy
Leading a Search
Using Search Patterns
-- U-Pattern Search
-- Expanding Square
-- Circular Search
-- Random Search
Conducting a Surface-Led Search
6 – Surface Rescue Techniques
Rescuing a Conscious Diver
- Approaching the Diver
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Assess the Situation]
- Encouraging a Calm Diver
- Responding to a Panicking Diver
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Problem Solving]
[Weights and Panic]
Rescuing an Unconscious Diver
7 – Underwater Rescue Techniques
Rescuing a Conscious Diver
Making Out-of-Air Ascents
- Normal Ascent
- Alternate Air Source Ascent
- Buddy Breathing Ascent
- Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent
- Buoyant Emergency Ascent
Rescuing an Unconscious Diver
[Closed-Circuit Rebreathers (CCR): A Special Consideration]
8 – Open-Water Resuscitation
Checking for Breathing
Beginning Resuscitation
[Mouth-to-Snorkel Rescue Breathing]
Towing and Delivering Breaths
-- Head Tow Position
-- Do-Si-Do Position
9 – Towing and Removal From Water
Out-of-Water Towing
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Throw Bags]
[Rescue the Rescuer]
In-Water Towing
-- Tank Valve Tow
-- Fin Push
-- Knee Push
[Towing with Two Rescuers: Three Options]
- Boat or Structure Exits
-- Small Boat Exit With an Unconscious Diver
-- Small Boat Exit With a Conscious Diver
-- Lifeguard Exit
-- Ladder Exit
-- Buddy Line Lift
-- Roll-Up Technique
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Drysuits]
- Shore Exits
-- Surf Exits
-- Rocky Shore Exit
10 – Dry-Land Resuscitation
Basic Life Support
- 1. Assess Scene Safety
- 2. Assess Responsiveness
- 3. Assess Breathing
- 4. Deliver Two Breaths
- 5. Perform CPR
Automated External Defibrillators
11 – Diving First Aid
Control of Bleeding
Shock Management
Decompression Illness
- Benefits of Emergency Oxygen
- Emergency Oxygen Delivery
-- Demand Inhalator Valve
-- Nonrebreather Mask
-- Supplemental Oxygen Delivery
Lung Overpressure
Other Medical Problems
- Cardiac Problems
- Diabetes
- Thermal Stress and Related Illness
-- Hyperthermia
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Heat Dangers]
-- Hypothermia
[Muscle Cramps]
[Preventing Hypothermia]
Head-to-Toe Secondary Survey

12 – Current and Dams
Currents and Drifting
Rip and Longshore Currents
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Current Dangers]
Lowhead Dams
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Rescuer Safety]
13 – Overheads and Entanglements
Diving in Overhead Environments
-- Expanded Rules of Accident Analysis
- Ice Diving
- Cave Diving
- Wreck Diving
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Specialty Training]
Freeing Entangled Divers
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Wire Cutters]
14 – Dangerous Marine Life
[Food Poisoning]
- Spine Punctures
- Jellyfish Stings
- Serious Envenomations
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Moray Eel]
Avoiding Dangerous Marine Life Injuries
15 – Freediving
[Orr’s Safety Stop: Inexperience]
Freediving Dangers
-- Don’ts
-- Dos
Freediving Between Scuba Dives
Freediving Rescue Techniques
Caring for a Unconscious Freediver

About the Authors
-- Dan Orr
-- Eric Douglas

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