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Nedan återges bokens fullständiga innehållsförteckning för intresserade i syfte att försöka visa lite mer om bokens innehåll.

-Alex Mustard
-Nick Hanna



Chapter 1 – The Lure of the Underwater World
Sinking scientists
Goggling in the Med
The birth of the aqualung
The arrival of scuba
Dreams beneath the sea
Before Certification
The scuba boom
Once bitten

Chapter 2 – Underwater Landscapes Where We Dive
The world of the reef
Where reefs grow
Life and death strategies
Hide and Seek
The reef by night
Reef topography
Into ice, caves and kelp
The lure of wrecks
Treasure troves
Artificial reefs
Archaeology and Atlantis

Chapter 3 – Going Underwater How We Dive
Diving for all
Use your brains, not your back
The art of neutral buoyancy
Perfecting buoyancy skills
Relax, use less air
Comfort zones
Best of buddies
Slow down, see more
Local knowledge

Chapter 4 – The Art of Fish Watching
Sex on the reef
Other kinds of spawning
Meet the parents
Cleaning stations
Mutual benefits
Smart as a fish
Getting closer to fishes
To touch or not to touch?
Feeding fish
The underwater orchestra
Up close and personal

Chapter 5 – Meetings with Remarkable Creatures
Beasts of the sea
Devil fish
Sharks: monsters or myth?
Up close with Great Whites
The Trojan shark
Apex predators
Those big, bad barracuda
An octopus's garden
Harmless monsters
Meetings with mammals

Chapter 6 – The Spirit of the Seas
Man as aquatic ape
Back to the sea
Spiritual scuba
Holistic diving
Mind, Body and Spirit diving
All in the mind
Fooling around
A walk on the wild side
A sea change

Chapter 7 – The Art of Freediving
Going deeper
The record breakers
Inner journeys
Underwater compositions
The relaxed approach
A different awareness
Wildlife encounters
The future for freediving

Chapter 8 – The Fate of the Oceans
Reefs in trouble
The value of reefs
Protecting reefs
The cost of flying
What should divers do?
Marine conservation begins at home
The bigger picture
Fighting back
Safe havens

Marine Organizations
Coral reefs
Sharks and whales
Regional organizations
Consumer issues
Conservation expeditions
Carbon offset schemes

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 8

Photographic Notes


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