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Chapter 1 – How We Became Known As The Scuba Snobs
Chapter 2 – Qualifications To Be A Scuba Snob
Chapter 3 – Rules of Etiquette On The Day Boat
- Use a Boat Bag
- Listen to the Briefing
- Keep Your Stuff Out of the Camera Bucket/Wash
- Don’t Smoke
- Puke Only Where Appropriate
- Pee Only Where and When Appropriate
- Don’t Kick, Jostle or Hit Other Divers
- Talk Only When Appropriate and Limit Yourself To Proper Content
- Please Tip
Chapter 4 – Liveaboard Rules Of Etiquette
- Follow the Rules
- Keep Your Stuff Out of the Hallways And Common Areas
- Smoke Only In Designated Areas
- Use Only Your Fair Share of Fresh Water
- Practice Proper Hygiene
- Practice Good Manners During Shore Excursions
- If Your Gear Is Late, Stay Calm
- Please Tip
Chapter 5 – Dress Code
Chapter 6 – Underwater Etiquette
- Don’t Chase Anything
- Don’t Crowd
- Stay Off the Reef
- Don’t Kick Up The Bottom
- Don’t Dangle
- Look at Your Gauges Regularly
- Follow the Dive Profile Planned
- Avoid Being An Air Sucker
- Don’t Feed Anything to Anything That Lives In the Ocean
- Stay With Your Buddy, Stay With Your Group
Chapter 7 – Special Rules of Etiquette for Night Diving
- Use A Tank Light
- Have One Or More Good Dive Lights
- Control The Beam Of Your Dive Light
- Take A Compass, Use A Compass
- Stay Together
Chapter 8 – Punctuality- the Ultimate Expression of Good Manners
Chapter 9 – Après Dive Rules
- Rinse Your Gear In The Proper Place
- Leave The Boat In An Efficient And Orderly Manner
- Logging Dives
Chapter 10 – Dive Talking
- Talk Within Your Limits
- Only Tell Lies When They Are Really Good And Well Told
- Know When To Dive And Not Give Advice
- Know When To Stop Talking
Chapter 11 – Apology
Chapter 12 – Take the Scuba Snobs Quiz

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