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Notera att det finns oklarheter kring underrubriker pga av olika rubrikformateringar, och det därför kan tolkas lite annorlunda. Vidare så skiljer sig rubriknamnen i bokens innehållsförteckning en del mot vad rubriken faktiskt heter på plats i kapitlet. Nedan används rubrikerna från kapitlet.

How to Use This Manual
About the Author Edward A. Betts
Introduction to ANDI
Table of Contents
Charts & Tables
Mission Statement

The Course Objectives
Course Standards Explanation
- Training Standards Overview

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Wreck Divng
Motivation to Dive Wrecks
A Historical Perspective of Wreck Diving
What Causes a Wreck
Shipwreck Types
- Ship Components
Evolution of a Wreck
- Time
- Construction
- Gravity
- Depth
- Consider the Follow Shipwreck Deterioration Scenario
Locating a Wreck
- Research
Physical Search Techniques
Increased Risk & Hazards of Wreck Diving
Physical Fitness and Mental Preparedness
- Physical Fitness – 10 Key Points of Preparedness
- Mental Preparedness – 7 Key Points of Preparedness
Chapter 1 Knowledge Review

Chapter 2 – Wreck Diving Equipment
Overall Considerations
Redundancy vs. Task Loading
Equipment Requirements
Regulators / Demand Valves
- Labeling and Identifying Regulators
Cylinders, Manifolds and Valves
Line Reels
- Primary Reels
- Safety Reel
- Jump / Gap
Buoyancy Compensating Devices
Lift Bags & Surface Signaling Devices
Dive Computers
Protective Headgear
Knives & Cutting Devices
Exposure Protection
Diver Propulsion Vehicles
Other Specialty Equipment
Locating Equipment & Rigging
- Buoyancy Inflators
- Breathing System
- Lights
- Line Reels
- Minimum Equipment Requirements List SafeAir® Wreck Diver (SWD) Level 2
- Minimum Equipment Requirements List Technical Wreck Diver (TWD) Level 3
Chapter 2 Knowledge Review

Chapter 3 – Wreck Dive Application
Penetration or Not
Penetration Techniques
- Progressive Familiarization
- Line Laying
Gas Planning
- Gas Selection
- What is SafeAir?
SafeAir EAD / MOD Graph Calculator
- Air Volume Monitoring
- Gas Management Utilizing Twin-Independent Cylinders
- Gas Switch for Independent Cylinders
Gas Management Calculations
- Gas Volume in Cubic Feet at Various Pressures
- Gas Volume in Cu.ft. Required for Both Divers to Exit
Emergency Procedures and Considerations
Operational Concerns
- Reduced Thermal Stress
- Communication
Performing the Dive
Pre-Dive Planning & Briefing
- Time Planning
- Equipment Matching
Descent Procedure
- The ANDI 2/5/10 Descent Procedure
On the Bottom
- Finding Your Way
- Orientation vs. Disorientation
- Line Laying and Reel Usage
- Primary Tie-off
- Penetration Entry Point
- Line Placement
- Following the Line
Lift Bag Usage
- Lift Bag Ascent Line
- Accurate Decompression Stops
Ascent Procedure and Decompression Plan
- The ANDI Ascent Procedure
Chapter 3 Knowledge Review

Chapter 4 – Artifact Recovery
Scientific & Archeological Community
- Excerpt: "Introduction to UNESCO Treaty"
- An Opposing Perspective
- For More Information on This Controversy
The Law
Artifact Preservation & Restoration
- Iron and Steel
- Copper, Brass & Bronze
- Glass & Ceramics
- Pewter and Lead
- Wood
* Freshwater Rinsing
* Dehydration

ANDI Oxygen Pac
SOR Kit End-user Pricing
ANDI Product Order Form For Oxygen Administration Materials
ANDI "Alpha 1" Oxygen Analyzer
From ANDI International
Educational Publications From ANDI International
ANDI International Educational Flowchart
SWD/TWD Knowledge Review
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 Review
Quality Assurance Form (SWD/TWD)

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