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För den som söker en mer komplett lista över innehållet i boken, så kommer här den fullständiga innehållsförteckningen.

1. The Evolution of Underwater Photography
2. How the Underwater Environment Affects Photography
The Challenges
- Light Loss
- Backscatter
- Water Temperature
- Currents
- Humidity and Corrosion
So…Why Bother?
3. Taking the Plunge
Film vs. Digital
- Advantages of a Digital Camera
- Advantages of a Film Camera System
Underwater Flash
Accessory Flash
Camera Brackets and Arms
Face Mask
Web Help
4. Digital-Camera Components
Camera Parts
LCD Display
Buttons, Buttons, and More Buttons
Chip Component
Memory Cards
5. Digital-Camera Menu Controls
Default is Good
White Balance
ISO Speeds
- Exposure Compensation
- Exposure Bracket
- Focus Brackets
- Continuous Focus
- Close-up Mode
- Super Macro Mode
Continuous-Shooting Mode
File Compression
Accessory Lenses
Sound Record
EXIF Histogram Playback
Custom Presets
Noise Reduction
Black & White or Sepia
Composition Grid
File Naming
Digital vs. Optical Zoom
LCD Monitor Control
Real-Time Manual Exposure
Setup Menus
6. Making Your First Dive with Your Digital Camera
Practice Topside First
Adding the Housing
Housing Maintenance
Let’s Go Diving!
Using the Flash
Should You Delete the Images?
7. Getting Good Exposure
The Blooming Effect
Photographic Exposure 101
- Aperture
- Shutter Speed
- Halving and Doubling
ISO Rating
Exposure Modes
- Program Mode
- Aperture-Priority Mode
- Shutter-Priority Mode
- Manual Exposure Mode
8. Available-Light Photography
Exposure Methods
Point of View
Other Available-Light Options
Shallow Water
Deep Water
Flashlight as Props
9. Flash Photography
TTL, Digital, Auto, Manual
- TTL (Though the Lens)
- Digital
- Auto
- Manual
Flash Sync
Tips and Tricks for using Flash
TTL Housing Control Boards
Flash Recycle Time
Single Flash
Twin Flash
Wide-Angle Flash
Slave Flash
Flash Arms and Camera Trays
10. Wide-Angle Photography
Digital Lens Configuration
Wet Lenses
Reducing the Water Column
Camera Angles
Perspective Applications
Working with Models
Slef Portrait
Panoramic Reef Images
11. Fish Photography
Film Photography
- Lens and Camera Choices
- Film Choices
Digital Photography
- Point & Shoot
- Digital SLR
Flash Considerations
Techniques for Photographing Fish
12. Close-up Photography
Close-up Terminology
Close-up Equipment
- Extension Tubes and Framers
- SLR Macro Lenses
- Plus Diopters
- Digital point & Shoot Close-Ups
- Single and Double Flash
- High Speed Macro Flash
Depth of Field
- Digital Point & Shoot
- Subject Angles
Software Solutions
13. Super Macro
What is Super Macro?
Shooting Beyond 1:1
Point & Shoot Super Macro
Wet-Lens Super Macro
ISO Considerations
Adding Auxiliary Lights
Face-Mask Configurations
Software Magnification
14. Backscatter
Anatomy of a Backscatter Particle
Causes of Backscatter
- Flash Too Close to the Camera
- Subject Too Far From the Camera Lens
- Lightning Contrast
Extreme Backscatter
When All Else Fails
15. Composition
Positive Composition
- Rule of Thirds
- Lines Leading to a Point
- Color
- Negative Space
- Letter Composition
- Opposites Attract
- Point of View
- Pattern and Shapes
- Framing
- Cropping
Negative Composition
- Busy Scenes
- Subject Too Close to the Edge
- Light Traps
- Lacking Contrast, Color, or Sharpness
16. Reef Protection and Photographic Ethics
Buoyancy Skills
The Dead Zone
Time Outs
Photographic Ethics
Rules of Respect
17. Traveling with Your Camera
Analyze The Dive Location
Backup Systems
Storing Your Images
Advance Testing
Instruction Manuals
Packing Your Gear
Film and X-Ray Machines
Luggage and Weight Restrictions
Check Again
18. Care of Your Underwater Equipment
Maintenance of O-rings
Greasing O-rings
Keep it Dry
Camera Rinse Tanks
19. The Future of Underwater Photography
20. Appendix

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