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Revo II goes eCCR

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rEvo rebreathers has decided to cooperate with Shearwater Research inc. for the development of the electronically controlled version of the rEvo-rebreather.

The electronically controlled version of the rEvo-rebreather will incorporate the Shearwater Pursuit controller with full trimix deco-computer using GF decompression algorithm, a separate battery pack for the solenoid, and still have both rEvodreams / HUD’s as independent PPO2 indicators.

The controller/deco-computer can be installed on any of the existing manually operated rEvo II rebreathers sold in 2007 and before, as a ‘plug and play’ upgrade, or can be ordered directly on a new rEvo.

The price for the upgrade to electronically controlled rebreather is 1700 euro plus taxes

The upgrade package consists of:

- the Shearwater Pursuit / rEvo controller
- a separate battery housing for the solenoid
- all necessary connectors for the cells and solenoid
- the solenoid
- the P-plug for entering the solenoid cable into the exhale lung

For upgrading, existing rEvo’s must have a 4th P-connector installed (extra P-port in the exhale lung), and have a triple entry plug in the inhale lung.

The Shearwater Pursuit / rEvo controller will be available march 2008, both as upgrade package or directly installed on a new rEvo.

paul raymaekers
rEvo rebreathers

Henry Blom
Henry Blom 2007-10-29 13:08:01
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