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JT, you are a disgrace to diving. Your attitude is the worst I have ever seen, and the fact is your skills are non existent - seen them with my own eyes, and your ignorance is boundless. You have no business dispensing advice to anyone, and only the hangers-oners that you attract will listen to you, which is really pathetic.

What is this about "don't talk to me unless you've been to 450 feet or 12,000 into a cave"? Who do you think you are kidding?

This post is not about diving, it is about you running your mouth trying to get recognition. Well you are succeeding - you are quite well recognized as power of bad example in diving. Calling you an "idiot" is not an "opinion", it s a conclusion that anyone arrives at who reads all the "facts" that you have provided on here.

Why don't you step back and take a hard look at your behavior, and ask somebody you trust, like maybe even yourself, if your behavior and example is really a good idea or not.

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From: Capt JT []
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 10:15 AM
To: IB2;
Subject: Re: scooters

I do not know what Black said a lot of times, he was a disturbed person with many more problems than just with his diving.
But I do know that I once posted unless you have done a dive deeper than 450ft or beyond 12,000 ft in a cave do not answer me. This was done just to remove all the neophytes that like to engage those who actually do the dives in a debate they have no experience in.
I have already established any credibility needed to surpass others who like to wave their dick around.
I have not had to lie, cover up, or delete any details of dives I have done or been on to protect my ego or to promote sales. Just facts.......... I do not have to exaggerate depths, times, seas, or anything else to create the illusion I am the better. I only deal with the facts, not opinions. If you were actually following this thread, I was merely correcting a post made on quest as to me being an idiot. While at the same time the person calling me an idiot admits I am the only one taking his scooters to 400ft during his sales pitch. Taking the scooters to 400ft is a fact...........being a idiot is an opinion. Then all the neophytes jump in to post...........
The best way to silence me is to not answer me, then you will only see the occasional post that I have updated my web site or some other piece of information that many like to be informed of.

FWIW since last Friday I have had 6,000 hits to my site, I also found out that the home page counter has been incorrect from the beginning and displaying a far lower number than it actually is. I added the counter and had to upgrade my site back in 1999 after I got over 20,000 hits in 2 days and it crashed, it was of the Halloween photos I put up of the us in WKPP costumes and a make believe fight with a super wreckdiver. I guess everyone kept going back to look at it because it was very funny.

And you Mr. Ian........ have an extremely nice day

At 07:09 AM 2/13/03 +0000, IB2 wrote:


The last person I saw post a "don't talk to me unless you've done ZZZZ dives" message was Black the (Ex)Quack.

If you want to establish your credibility, copying his strategy may not be the best way to do so. If you don't give a monkeys toss what others think of you why not just maintain a dignified silence?

Stay safe,

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From: Capt JT
To: Dean Laffan ;
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 9:19 PM
Subject: Re: scooters

It only seems to be shared by those who have never done a dive that is of an extreme or of a challenging kind. Often by novice divers or those who have come accustom to kissing a certain ones ass. But in all fairness I do not know you and you really don't know me or you would not say things like you do. Everything I have done in diving is well documented and can easily be proven, even to the point of watching TV here the last 2 days and will show again tonight.
So to clear up any misunderstanding by me and those who are reading this please place your diving achievements, leveling of training, experience, and any other source other than email to prove your personal qualifications when you answer to this email. Then at least everyone will not think you are guilty of being both a neophyte and a KA. If you are unable or unwilling to comply with the request above do not waste my time or those on this list.

Have a nice day

At 12:17 PM 2/12/03 +1100, Dean Laffan wrote:
on 11/2/03 2:16 PM, Capt JT at wrote:

> His statement about me being an idiot is only an opinion,

But a very common one.


dean laffan

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