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Stewart Seglare...fortsättning på det ouppklarade!

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Hi Stewart!

Nice to hear from you.
I'm not saying you have not done these dives. That was an other guy.

Sure maybe you dive deep, that's what I'd like to do too, when I become more experienced.
Strange thing though, we have not heard about your deep dives here in Sweden.

If your dives really are, this should be celebrated and gotten to know by the public/media. If you dive as deep as you say, you're the "Swedish" champion (in Sweden) in deepest dives...!!!!!

And by the way... How do you know I'm from Nacka...
Have we met or...?? I sure don't remember us talking dives...

Your's sincerely , Filip

Hahahahaha, alla,
Vad kul med lite debatt!!!


Litle Filip Kalinski from Nacka?????
I have dived in South of china, my deepest dive was whith a RB/3mix anf 199 m. "The man" in Norway has dived whith a compered equipment last year 252 m. So litle Filip, fuck off.

Skrivet av Stewart Seglare 2001-08-16 21:52:48

Filip Kalinski
Filip Kalinski 2001-08-16 23:16:00
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