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This season dive travels

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Hello to respectful community!

As a dive center in Cyprus I need to ask everybody... Do someone thinking to travel somehow this year? I don't know how it is possible or even legal from Scandinavian countries. Cyprus is open from April 1st and i see drops of tourists around more and more every day) We just were in Egypt for diving safari, I saw there rare divers from Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, USA, South Africa... Who wants to go those go somehow without breaking rules trough open ways?)
What do you think?!

Ilya Frizen
Ilya Frizen 2021-04-06 14:33:02
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Huvudinlägg This season dive travels Ilya Frizen 2021-04-06 14:33
svara Sv: This season dive travelsJohan Ström2021-04-08 09:52


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