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To All My Experience Diving Friends!

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1) This is my last letter, never gonna write here again.
2) Im real.
3) Im a singel diver, because i know my self and i dont want too dive whith someone else.
4) I have a diving boat.
5) I have friends in Stockholm.
6) I have done more than 2000 dives.
7) The realy experience diver i Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, Netherlands, Spain, France and England know me.
8) I have many diving friendas around the world.
9) My boat is a XXX-large sailing boat, The name is Mathilda.
10) I put my logbook in because i want to have it on internet = i can put it in from every county i live in.
11) If you want to try to dive whith me, try the bigger ship Olga on Saturday noon.

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Stewart Seglare 2001-08-17 12:10:00
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Du måste vara inloggad för att skicka mail!

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