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trasig p-valve

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I have an Agir unbalanced p-valve. Unfortunately when putting the suit on I managed to overbalance and pulled the pipe off the in-line valve (the one-way valve set into the pipe, not the screw valve set in the suit). Shit happens....

The valve has a piece of pipe pushed onto it from each side, with a bit of black plastic tubing put over the top to strengthen the connection. Does anybody know whether this a heatshrink tube? I've managed to get the pipe back into position (this was not easy as it was a tight fit). I'm wondering whether a gentle blast with a heat gun will shrink the tube a bit more and give a really good fit, as I don't want it to come off in the middle of a dive!

Any tips? Maybe it's better to get a new piece of heat-shrink and repair the joint from the beginning?


Mark Dougherty
Mark Dougherty 2007-10-16 22:39:52
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