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Trying to find some old commercial divers

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länkar till fråga om fråga om kommersiell dykning 70/80 tal på scubaboard ifall någon kan hjälpa dem.

So a Swedish company (I believe) were sent to assess the Zen when it sank. It was 2 Dutch salvage companies that were contracted to the initial project so I guess the Swedes were sub contracted in. I am hoping to maybe speak to one of the divers or find if the company still exists and if so if they have any information at all still in their archives. I am researching for a book hence not putting the full name because I know someone else is also researching for one, maybe I am being paranoid but that way this thread wouldn’t show up in a basic key word search....

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Fredrik Westin 2020-10-09 08:50:00
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