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As I already explained, having 2 lines requires you to manage 2 lines.

Consider a zero visibility situation. With one line, I can use both hands to manage that line. I can be holding it with one hand while my other hand feels past a tie-off and finds it the other side. While I am doing that, I know exactly where the line is and I can make sure I don't get entangled. I can also make sure the line is tight (which makes getting tangled less likely - if the line is in my hand and I twist my hand I can take out a bit of slack). If I do get caught in the line, because I'm holding it I will feel that right away and my hand can slide down the line, find the problem and free the line. If as a last resort I need to cut it, it's in my hand.

With two lines the situation is much harder. I don't have enough hands to keep track of everything. I won't know where all the lines are, I can't be sure they are tight and if I get tangled, the chances of getting in a muddle are much higher.

Now let's thinks of a different situation. I go into a siphon which has two lines, some distance apart (like on each side of the passage). Suppose one of them is broken, but I happen to be looking at the other one at that particular place (if they are on opposite sides of the passage it will be impossble in poor visibility to keep both under observation all the time). Then further on, the lines are right together. When I come back, which line do I follow at the point where they go apart? If I choose the wrong one, I will arrive at a point where the line just stops and I will have to take emergency action (as Jonas has described in another thread), or backtrack to the point where the lines were together. You do NOT want to be in that situation.

I hope this answers your question.


Mark Dougherty
Mark Dougherty 2008-01-20 22:24:27
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