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2008-10-12 18:19:02
I sent you some info....


Skrivet av: Roger Ingebo epost 

2008-10-09 05:59:36
Great stuff!
I know Jani are thinking about becoming a instructor in the future but nothing is decided yet.
I am planning to come back and I might teach another course if people are interested.
The unit is very compact indeed and only weigh 10,5kg when I travel. It can fit in a carry on bag on a airplane.
Its still a full blood rebreather made for deep diving and has one of the biggest scrubbers on the market. (3,4kg)
Lets keep in touch and maybe we can go for a dive next time I come over.


Skrivet av: Roger Ingebo epost 

2008-10-08 16:19:38
Hi Pasi!
I did a Pelagian course there last weekend so there might be a unit there in the near future.
Get in touch with Jani Haaja if you would like to hear about his course.


Skrivet av: Roger Ingebo epost 

2007-12-24 20:08:54
Hi! and thanx. 5mm would be more than enough, the temp was about 24... they thought it was coold =) Are you going to mexico?
Adios! //Erik

Skrivet av: Erik Ekström epost 

2007-04-03 21:55:30
Since 9th december 2006 the marina has been underwater /br Glenn

Skrivet av: Glenn Filander epost 

2007-02-25 17:43:48

The freshwater was at 24-25, and below the halocline in the saltwater it was always 1 degree warmer than the freshwater.

Skrivet av: Petter Johanson epost