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2008-07-31 09:21:30

Check out my photo album to see what you missed ;)
Kidding aside, to bad you could not come, let us try to meet sometime this autumn.
My best wishes to you and Dorota!

Skrivet av: Niklas Ramström epost 

2008-03-27 12:43:37
Dear friends!

There are some new pics uploaded in my album from GUE ITC and Wakulla-Turner traverse. Enjoy!


Skrivet av: Jesper Berglund epost 

2008-01-06 17:23:46
Hey my friend!

I think I''ll go down to Gbg for 2 days in feb and it would be great to spend some time and catch up on things then! I would really like to see you and D!

all the best buddy!


Skrivet av: Jesper Berglund epost 

2007-12-30 01:57:23
Thanks a lot my friend!!!!!

It''s been a long road but I''m finally seing the end of it now and I''ve learned a lot of lessons on the way... Are you and Dorota in Göteborg permanently now? i''m thinking of coming down there in feb and it would be great to see you guys!!

happy new year!


Skrivet av: Jesper Berglund epost 

2007-10-03 16:10:53
Hey man! Check this out:

Skrivet av: Jesper Berglund epost 

2007-07-05 12:03:30
Yo Dude!

I hope all is well and that sunshines on you. If your´re interested, there´s some new pics from my last cave diving trip to Mexico in my album.

take care,


Skrivet av: Jesper Berglund epost 

2007-02-05 14:19:02
Hey Man!

Australia was great and the diving was´nt to bad. To damn cold in the water though (I´m never leaving home without my shellsuit again no matter if people claim they´ve got tropic temperatures. Hey, I heard the news about you and D getting married! Congratulations!!!

Me and Helene went to oz for 3 weeks and had a great time. Right now I´m back in sweden trying not to get to depressed before going again (frist to vietnam to do some courses with a couple of guys wanting me to train them there in stead of sweden and then back to Meico for more cave diving.

How are things in egypt? Is dorota still there as well?

BTW, I have been accepted as a instructor candidate for GUE (fundamentals and OW) and I will do my ITC in november this year so hopefully I´ll be ready by feb next year or so.

Anyway, hope everything is fine and I´d love to see you soon.

Skrivet av: Jesper Berglund epost 

2006-12-18 13:44:51
Merry Christmas from Linköping!
How are you nowadays?
Malin and I are doing great. We both have jobs that we like and are enjoying the life of monthly salaries. I will also work pretty much as DM at Oxygené here in Lkpg the next year.
We are also trying to plan a vacation to Australia in the summer. Hopefully it will be for three weeks and inklude lots of diving.

Take care!

Skrivet av: Niklas Ramström epost 

2006-12-11 21:41:21
Tjena Andrzej.
Vad som drog ner betyget för ATX var att man fick luftbubblor framför ansiktet. Det fick man inte med TX100 och XTX200 som hade de längre luftledarna. XT100 är lite störe enATX och XTX seriens andra steg. XTX200 (XTX50) har mjukare luftström vid inandning än TX och ATX. TX100 går att beställa från Apeks, men leveranstiden är ca. 3 månader och kostar lika mycket som XTX serien. Så min rekommendation är XTX50 eller XTX200. 200 och 50 är samma reg ,men 200 har mer påkostat utseende.

Mvh Martin.

Skrivet av: Martin Strömberg epost 

2006-07-11 23:42:10
Still good?

Skrivet av: Minka Andersson epost 

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