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Aqualung Whites Fusion torrdräkt

Aqualung Whites Fusion torrdräkt

5 200:-

Torrdräkt från Whites, modellen heter Fusion. Storlek L-XL. Flexibelt slimmad dräkt med sockar.
Nya tätningar och fräsch kedja.
Inga kända läckage.
Pris inklusive frakt. Nypris ca 16500kr.

Tillverkarens beskrivning:
Aqualung Fusion Bullet Aircore Dry Suit
With the Patented Twin Layer System originally designed for the Special Forces, the Fusion Bullet is engineered for the harshest diving environments. A super-stretch neoprene outer layer Skin allows ultimate flexibility and streamlining with strategically placed GatorTech™ Armor and reinforced seams ensuring maximum durability. The Fusion Bullet features the innovative AirCore inner layer.
Emmy Ahlén
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