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Full sidemount kit - Hollis SMS 50 + regs

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After breaking a foot, leaving Australia and becoming a father, in that order, it might be time to face reality and sell my beloved side mount gear. T_T

It''s an Hollis SMS 50 BCD, used for a grand total of 4 dives in salt water and a few more swimming pool dives

The two second stages and one of the first stages are Apeks, and have been used for about 50 dives, but are still in perfect condition.

The other first stage is an Oceanic, used for the above mentioned 4 salt water dives.
Both first stages are DIN.
The gauges are Light Monkey and Hollis.

All straps, bungies and carabiner necessary for the sidemount are included, and you can strap all standard diameter bottles.
I rinsed thoroughly everything after each dive.

Since I live outside of Stockholm, the gear is at a friend''s place in Kista.

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Full sidemount kit - Hollis SMS 50 + regs

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