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Regulator Aqua Lung Legend Glacia

Regulator Aqua Lung Legend Glacia

2 500:-

Aqua Lung Regulator Legend Glacia Komplett kit med Octopus andrasteg. Manometer från Ursuit följer också med. Helt oanvänd och ej uppackad i originalkartong. Nypris 10 500 kr. Pris 2500 kr.

Bästa regulatorn för kalla dyk. Fantastisk konstruktion.

En fin regulatorväska från Ursuit ingår.


The Legend Glacia is designed for use under the most extreme conditions. The Legend Glacia offers a greater resistance to freezing than any regulator Aqua Lung has ever produced. In addition, it boasts the best imaginable breathing performance.

- Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing
- The user adjustment knob allows for total control of breathing effort in all diving conditions
- A venturi switch helps prevent freeflow at the surface and when the regulator is out of the diver’s mouth
- Traditional elastomer front covers harden in very cold water, but the Legend Glacia’s second stage is designed with an aluminum cover machined from solid metal that assists the heat exchangers and accommodates a purge button with flow control
- Comes with a lip shield to keep lips warm
- The Comfobite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue

- Controls: Venturi switch
- Breathing resistance: User adjustment knob
- Mouthpieces: 2 - Comfo-Bite™ installed, standard with bite wings in box
- Front cover: Machined aluminum w/ purge button with flow control
- Lip shield: Standard
- Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance: Three
- Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores: Avg. 0.79 joules/liter
- Nitrox compatible: Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box
Fredrik Granath
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