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TRIMIX / NITROX fillwhip & 2m Decanting Whip with Gauge

TRIMIX / NITROX fillwhip med DIGITAL manometar

Decanting Hose - Set Digital
The Decanting Hose - Set Digital is used to allow nitrox / helium / argon to flow from the storage tank to the diving cylinder / stage cylinder.
The complete decanting hose - set digital contains everything that a charching assembly should have.
The decanting hose - set is equipped with a digital pressure gauge (accuracy class 0.5) and therefore achieves the highest requirements.

Details Decanting Hose - Set Digital
- Charching assembly is delivered fully assembled
- Digital pressure gauge with 63mm diameter; accuracy class 0.5; max. working pressure: 400bar; rubber gauge cover
- Lenght charging hose: 2 metres
- Material charging hose: Nylon core, Kevlar braided with a green Polyurethane outer cover
- Maximum working pressure charging hose: 350bar
- One way valve prevents backflow of gas from diving cylinder to the storage tank
- Needle valve for exact Control of the flow rate / flow volume
- Pressure relief
- 2x DIN G5/8'''' Connection 200bar (thread lenght also suitable for 300bar valves)

Pris : 2800:-

Decanting hose with manometer

High Quality decanting hose with manometer and decompression valve.
With this helpful decanting hose you can flow compressed air from one diving bottle to another one. During this process you can always check the pressure by using the clearly manometer.
The decanting hose can be used with 200 bar and 300 bar bottles

Details decanting hose with manometer:
- Hose length: ca. 200 cm
- With decompression valve
- With manometer; scale 0-350 bar
- Adapted for 200 bar and 300 bar compressed air bottles
- 2x fitting G5/8 Zoll for 200 bar and 300 bar compressed air bottles

PRIS: 1200:-

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TRIMIX / NITROX  fillwhip & 2m Decanting Whip with Gauge

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